Best IGF 1 Spray

Looking for the hottest new product in supplements on the market today?

When evaluating the best IGF 1 spray we considered a couple an important factors.

1. Concentration of the active ingredient in IGF 1 (Deer Antler)

2. Quality of Product

3. Reviews from other people who have used it before

We have looked at three products, two from Pure IGF 1 and one from Now Foods. All of the products compared are produced in New Zealand. All for the products come in 1 oz containers. All of the products contain IGF 1. But that is where the comparisons stop. Pure IGF 1 is a product designed as a dropper and is placed under the tongue. The ration size is triple that of the Now Foods. The concentration of IGF 1 is at 43:1 with additional Growth Factors being added to the Pure IGF 1 solution.

The Extreme version of the Pure IGF 1 covers the majority of all dietary needs. While the Ultimate version is the most potent solution that we reviewed. And is designed for the bodybuilder to extreme athlete.

Now Foods is a great product that is designed for the person looking to add IGF 1 to their daily dietary supplements while being cost sensitive.

All the products that we reviewed are seem to work very well. Which is right for you? That depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking to start out and try IGF 1, than you should look at the Now Foods to Extreme version of the product. If you very active and looking to improve your recover time and strength you need to look Extreme to Ultimate version. The the Ultimate Version being the best.

Pricing for the products does vary from day to day, so please click on the links of the right to the best pricing today.

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