What Is Deer Velvet Antler?

The purest form of IGF 1 comes from deer velvet antler (or Elk velvet) can be defined as the antlers of male deer/elk during the phase of rapid growth, typically during the summer season. The antler is covered in a soft material “fuzzy” material while it is experiencing rapid growth. The velvet stage referrers to the entire antler and not just the coating of the antler. The Velvet antler very fast rate of up to 2 cm/day in some species (faster in Elk). It is also the only mammalian organ that regenerates at such a speedy rate.

During the farming of the antler can be done painlessly and the deer will regrow the antler the following year. The main velvet farms are in New Zealand, but there are both deer and elk farms within the US that harvest the velvet and ship it over seas for processing. The production of IGF 1

The first documented use of velvet dates back over 2000 years to a Han tomb in the Hunan Province, China where a silk scroll was discovered listing over 50 diseases for which velvet antler was taken.

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