What Is IGF 1?

IGF 1 (Insulin Like Growth Factor 1) is a natural hormone structure similar to insulin. With in the medical community it is known as polypeptide protein hormone. This hormone is produced by everyone’s body and is vital in during childhood growth and stimulates muscle building (anabolic effects) in adults.

IGF 1 is produced by the liver with stimulated by human growth hormone (HGH), and contains 70 inter-connected amino acids.  For example when levels HGH rise in the blood, the liver responds by producing more IGF 1. These increased levels of IGF 1 trigger growth and regeneration by the body’s cells. This growth is focused in muscle cells.

IGF 1 has shown positive effects on Increases in IGF 1 levels have shown positive effects on muscle efficiency, size and overall strength. Since IGF 1 stimulates cell growth the benefits do not stop at the muscle cell level. IGF 1 reacts with every cell in the human body. But muscle, cartilage, bone, liver, kidney, skin tissue, lungs, and nerves tend to have the greatest positive affects.

What affects does IGF 1 have on your body when taken over time? When taken responsibility over time, IGF 1 can help improve muscularity, recovery and healing times.  IGF-1 helps stimulate body fat reduction, increase lean muscle mass, skin tone and restful sleep.

IGF 1 has been shown to increase the rate of recovery from strains or injuries. It has been shown that not only do the muscles recover fast, but tend to be stronger and healthier.

As your body ages your production of IGF 1 decreases and thus it is believed to contribute to age-related degeneration process. With elevated IGF 1 in can help these age-related degenerations, such as, muscles, skin tissue and bones.

There is a certain percent of the population that lacks the necessary levels of IGF 1 in their body. This could be caused by disease, malnutrition or a hormone imbalance, as a result your growth could be stunted, fatigue and lack of muscle development. When used responsibility and in combination with other supplements, IGF 1 could be beneficial for individuals suffering from growth hormone deficiencies.

For the people who strive to be in the best physical shape, whether you are an athlete, bodybuilder or just want to be in the best physical shape as possible. IGF 1 when used in a responsible manner can greatly improve your recover time, muscle development and strength.

No matter what level you are at. The benefits of adding IGF 1 to your supplements are truly worth the investment.

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